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The most common fish is the trout such as Rainbow, Brown and Speckled (we suggest you read the fishing regulations pamphlet about indigenous species: pejerrey patagónico, perch, puyen).

We remind you that you are required to have a fishing license. We provide the gear and suitable conditions so the pros as well as the beginners can have a wonderful experience.

Fishing services include *:

  • »One professional guide for every two fishermen
  • »Transportation in the area
  • »Rafts and baskets (creels)
  • »Logistic support (depending on the fishing environment).
  • »Bilingual personnel

*fishing license is not included


Fly Fishing

You can go fishing near the lodge in almost all the numerous rivers and lakes. Sometimes on the same day, you can fish from:

  • »Boats/rafts: Aluminé river, Lakes Ñorquinco, Pilhue, Nonpehuen, Polcahue, Pulmarí and Lagoon De Los Giles
  • »Wade fishing: rivers Pulmarí, Litrán, Aluminé and the streams suitable for this type of fishing

In this natural environment, with predominantly indigenous plants and animals, one has the best conditions for the catching and release of the breeding stock and the almost 100% guarantee of catching fish.